Pheromone Standards
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Itís best not to hold a woman to the same pheromone standards of keeping her word as you hold yourself. Yes, where it concerns her following through on important promises, you have every right to expect her to keep her word and to act accordingly with or without pheromones according to† http://infospeak.org/?p=141 †and† http://lusharson8884.exteen.com/20150908/pheromone-diversity .† But thereís another kind of truth that women commonly express. Itís critical for you to understand that women have an emotional truth Ė the truth of a feeling in a particular moment by using alpha male pheromones according to others.

A womanís ďtruthĒ changes with her pheromonal feelings. If she says she wants to go out for sushi in the morning and changes her wish to pizza at night, did she break her word? No, sheís simply expressing her ever-changing desires and communicating her truth of the moment.

If she says she hates you in the morning and then wants to make love that night, did she lie in the morning? No, she spoke the truth of the moment and that truth has changed. But if you say youíll be home at seven and are going to be late but donít renegotiate that, it has a different kind of effect and consequence of real pheromones.

It has a different pheromone effect because a manís word is a bond, a foundation of security for a woman. Her word for you is not like that. Yes, youíd like her to do what she says she will do, but if she doesnít, it probably doesnít feel threatening as it may to a woman.

The key thing here is: Donít hold your woman to the same pheromone standards you hold yourself as it concerns keeping your word. Is that fair? Well, maybe not, but fairness and attraction are seldom things we consider at the same time. Yes, count on her to keep her word when it concerns matters of true import, but donít make her wrong for changing her mind and truth shifting in accordance to her pheromone production.

Okay, this might sound really basic. Doesnít everyone know how to keep their word? Well, unfortunately, no. Most of the problems men have with keeping their word come down to some simple mistakes in communication rather than a glaring lack of integrity or honesty with real pheromones.

1. Do you know when you are giving your word? For a lot of men, giving your word needs to rise to a level of formality in which you look deeply into a womanís eyes and swear upon pain of death that you will do something, or that something is the truth. Itís pretty obvious you are staking your integrity and trustworthiness on that declaration. But what about the comment you make in passing that you will pick up the dry cleaning, get the movie tickets, take her out for dinner, or make the plans for a family vacation? For you, this may be somewhat under the...Read More

The Science of Pheromonal Response
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Now living in rural Colorado, they are still passionately in love and their successful relationship is a model for what can happen when two people are chemically suited to each other. Despite disparate backgrounds and a former divergence, rather than a convergence, of lifestyle, this couple works, and they have the pheromone attraction to prove it.

Our Pheromone Methods

According to http://solenoidrocks.com/?p=20 ,†researching and writing of pheromones proved both interesting and challenging. In addition to spending many hours interviewing scientists who work in the up-and-coming arena of pheromone research, we conducted numerous ďfield interviews.Ē In other words, we spent a lot of time just talking to people and asking them about their past and present relationships. Most of our subjects were delighted to divulge the romantic details of their relationships and told their stories freely.†

As we sat down and analyzed these conversations, we kept noticing constants that mark the most passionate and sometimes most successful pairings. On the flip side, we also talked to people about their negative romantic and work experiences. People react strongly to other peopleís natural pheromones, that we know. What we found interesting is that strong reactions appear on both sides of the coin whether you are falling madly in love or running away from someone who makes you uneasy. Regardless of the scenario, the ďconstantĒ we speak of is chemistry thanks to† http://sundowndivers.org/?p=5 .

The stories presented in our human pheromones article are real, although the names of the people in question have been changed to honor requests of anonymity. We believe that the most interesting stories are those based on real-life circumstances and events; how- ever, some stories are composites, drawn from several accounts to add color and to emphasize a point.

The Mystery of Human Pheromones

The saga of pheromones is a still-unfolding one. We begin by giving you an overview of pheromones and then go on to ex- amine how animals use chemical communication.

I understand the PUA mentality is sleep with her after you attract her with natural pheromones. This causes her to bond physically with you and gives you added leverage. It also can turn against you where the woman uses that against a man. Others believe that getting the know what the person is like first without the blinders of romance leads one to know how compatable she is.

From what Iím seeing, if its ok to say, if youíre a giving altrustic point of person. A "people pleaser", it can be a noble characteristic but something like that doesnít work in many relationship situations (as a student pleasing teacher) the way that would work is if you find a person who is match for you that has that need. (perhaps someone neglected or a woman who is going to be the man in the family.)

Sadly, most relationships fail today due to a lack of natural pheromones. Thatís why itís important to be with the right...Read More


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